The Hallo Bunny® Story

 Hallo Bunny® was born out of a simple desire to create products that could make a child's world more fun and exciting.

Hello, My name is Sarah, and I'm a mother to an eight-year-old son named Ben. Being a mom is not always easy, but as a person who loves drawing and stitching, I hit upon the idea of Hallo Bunny® when my little monster was four years old. It's a brand that offers a range of children's products designed to appeal to kids' interests and needs. The name itself was inspired by my own childhood memories of a beloved toy bunny that had been my constant companion.

In addition to me, several members of the Hallo Bunny® team also have children of their own. Our experiences as parents have given us valuable insights into what kids really want and need. This has been a driving force behind our passion for creating products that cater to a child's interests and needs, which are not only visually appealing but also practical, durable, and safe for children to use.

At Hallo Bunny®, we also involve kids in the design process, asking for their feedback and ideas, to ensure that the final products are truly kid-approved. The range of products offered by Hallo Bunny® is constantly expanding, from sleeping bags and blankets to playpens. Each new item reflects our commitment to creativity, playfulness, and quality. Every new product is infused with the spirit of childhood and designed to bring more happiness to daily life.

We believe that childhood is a precious time that should be filled with wonder and delight. We are proud to be a brand that parents and kids alike can trust, and we look forward to continuing to design more amazing children's products to build priceless memories among children and parents that will last a lifetime.