The Importance of Toddler Playpens for Both Enjoyment and Safety

February 02, 2024

wood toddler playpen

As a parent, you only have limited body parts, but your child demands your presence a lot. If you have things you have to get done and need some time alone, the best solution is getting a toddler playpen. It helps keep your child safe as he plays, and you can get things done without worrying. A baby playpen is a portable enclosure in which a young toddler or infant is put in for safety when the guardian or parent isn't around.

A playpen for kids plays a significant role and comes in very handy, especially if you like to travel often. If you choose the right playpen, you won't have to worry much about your baby when you're busy tending to other things. Compared to the old days, playpen designs have changed significantly. They come in different styles, and they also have different features that fit everyone's needs.

Types of Baby Playpens

Toddler playpens are available in a variety of designs to choose from. The sizes and shapes vary from hexagonal, rectangular, squares, among others. For the material, it can either be made of wood, plastic, or metal. Other playpens are made of mesh walls or fabric walls and are modular, so you can expand them to fit your space.

wood toddler playpen

There are two main types of playpens, the ones made with wood and the ones made from tubing and covered with nylon mesh or fabric. There is a comprehensive collection of mesh-sided playpens that vary in sizes and designs.

The tubing on the mesh-sided playpens is made of either aluminum, chrome-plated metal, or chrome. When it comes to the leg designs, some of the playpens have straight legs with caps, and others are made of a bent-tube design. The mesh-sided playpens are made of paddings on the bars, to help prevent injuries on babies.

How to Choose a Safe Toddler Playpen

There are many things to consider while choosing a playpen with your child's safety in mind. There are things you should avoid and things you should look for.

What to Avoid

The following are some of the things you should look out for and avoid while purchasing a toddler playpen. Avoid a playpen if it has:

  • Gaps or openings on the playpen. They might trap a child's head, fingers, or limbs. The recommended size for the gaps is between 50mm-95mm or 12mm and 30mm.
  • Any projections or openings. They can act as a strangulation hazard, as they can intertwine the child's clothes.
  • If a portable playpen has moved or rotating parts, it can be dangerous. When a child's body part gets trapped, it can cause injuries.
  • Edges, points, and sharp corners.
  • Tiny objects or components that the child might swallow or inhale.
  • Protrusions that might injure your child if it bumps into them.
  • Any footholds that a child can use to climb out of the toddler playpen.

what to avoid for choosing a toddler playpen

What to Look for

After knowing what to avoid, look for these essential features when considering to invest in a toddler playpen. Your child's safety should always come first. A safe playpen for kids should include:

  • A height of 50cm or higher on the walls, to help prevent the child from climbing out.
  • A robust and stable built, that won't be prone to lifting or sliding to avoid accidents.
  • Certification of standard against the American standard ASTM F1004 or the European standard EN 12227.

With all those safety standards checked, you can now consider a design that will fit your needs and lifestyle. The following are the things to take into consideration while choosing a toddler playpen for your infant or toddler.

Factors that Need to Consider When Choosing a Toddler Playpen

  • The use of the playpen

There are several places you can use the playpen, depending on your choice. With the wide variety of playpens on the market, there's each for any lifestyle. They include those that allow the child to stand inside, indoor/outdoor playpens, or the ones with all the features. Your choice is influenced by whether you'll use it indoors, outdoors, or everywhere.

If your main goal is to find one that will fit your traveling needs, then a lightweight, a portable playpen is the best choice. Consider the portability, ease of folding and setting up, and one that has a carry bag. Portability is the main focus when traveling other than accessories.

Hallo Bunny Baby Playpen with Mattress
  • Versatility

When your need is a toddler playpen that has multiple uses, then a 3-in 1 is the best choice. It offers excellent versatility in any way you want to use it.

  • Indoor/ outdoor playpens

You might have a lifestyle that includes a lot of outdoor activities and might not always be able to keep an eye on your child. Whether it be during picnics, gardening, park events, or relaxing in the patio and indoor/outdoor playpen will have you covered.

  • Age and weight limits

Before buying a toddler playpen, always check the age and weight limit of the equipment. If you need one for more than one child, you should consider a larger and sturdier one with a higher weight/age limit.

Benefits of a Portable Playpen

Portable toddler playpen

With a playpen, your life as a parent will become much more comfortable, from all the benefits the playpens offer. Some of the top benefits they offer include:

  • Efficiency in performing duties

You might be having a busy day with chores or even phone calls, and watching your child at the same time might be hectic. A toddler playpen offers excellent assistance as you can put your baby inside and get things done without worrying about their safety.

  • Traveling

You can carry a outdoor playpen with you if you go out to the beach, fishing or camping. A summer playpen will protect your kids from the sun and prevent sunburns. When you're outdoors, your child can safely play inside it and get your activities done. While at the beach, a beach playpen will come in handy and protect your child from the sun and sand while you enjoy it.

  • Protection from high drop-offs

With a toddler playpen, your child plays and moves around within an adequate and safe space. You won't have to worry about your child falling from stairs or other steep drop-offs.

  • Independent playtime

Your child can have some individual playtime under your supervision. You just need to put some toys in the toddler playpen for them, and they'll play without the risk of any accidents.

  • Napping

You can conveniently put your baby to sleep inside a toddler playpen under your observation. It is much safer when you've gone out to other homes and don't want to risk laying your child on a bed to avoid rolling over.

Tips for Using a Toddler Playpen Safely

After purchase, you have to ensure you're careful with how you operate the toddler playpen. Always take the following precautions:

  • When putting a child below 12 months on a playpen to sleep, lay them on their back and don't add soft bedding like pillows to help avoid suffocation.
  • Ensure the baby playpen is well set up before putting your child inside and confirm that all the sides are locked in place. If the sides aren't well set up, they can cause strangulation.
  • Don't add extra mattresses on the toddler playpen, use the one provided by the manufacturer.
  • Ensure there are no items that might cause accidents.
Hallo Bunny Beach Tent for Baby Toddlers

Reasons to Choose Hallo Bunny Pop Up Playpen

Hallo Bunny Baby Playpens will ensure all your needs and safety standards are met. Our Playpens are large, and hence you won't have to worry if you have more than one kid. You can't go wrong with purchasing our toddler playpens. Whether it is indoors or outdoors or your needs will be met, our playpens are fit for every season. Meanwhile, Hallo Bunny Full Bugs Proof Pop Up Playpen include the following features:

  • Anti UV SunShade Canopy

Our playpens come with a removable sunshade canopy. When you're outdoors on a hot day, the outdoor playpens keep your child protected from the elements. When you're back indoors, you can take away the canopy and have your child continue playing safely. The versatility is unmatched.

  • Perfect for toddlers, babies, and young children

Hallo Bunny playpens are big enough, with a width of 67 inches plus 42 inch height. You can have 2-4 kids with 2 adults comfortably playing inside.

  • Lightweight

All of Hallo Bunny pop up playpens are lightweight. We offer portable playpens that come with a shoulder strap bag, Hallo Bunny pentagonal beach playpen series weights only 6.9 lbs making it the most lightweight baby foldable playpen on the market, carry it anywhere is a breeze.

  • High quality

We offer you long-lasting toddler playpens in the market. They're made with high-quality fiberglass framing and lasting weave-mesh netting.

  • Safety and easy supervision

Our toddler playpens are built with the highest safety standards to ensure you won't have to worry about any accidents. Thus, our children playpens have hexagon design series and pentagonal collections; these ensure stability and sturdiness. You won't have to worry about it slipping over.

Supervision of your child is also made easy with the durable weave-mesh all around the toddler playpen. You can easily see everything your child is doing inside, and also the air circulation is good inside since the weave-mesh ensures proper breathing is available. Safety is paramount to us!

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